Effective Employee Performance Reviews with Ember

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    Employee performance reviews are typically not something that either management or their team get excited about. They are often viewed as tedious and negative toward company morale, but it doesn’t have to turn you into a monster. What if there was a way to make it a positive experience for both parties, instead of seeming like an interrogation?

    Ember is here to turn you from a monster into a saint. You don’t have to be the bad guy anymore, and at the same time, you can increase productivity and efficiency within your organization. With this software, your employee performance reviews become streamlined and are available to you in real-time wherever you may be.

    What does Ember offer?

    Our HR management software provides all the tools you need.  Conduct simple and efficient employee performance reviews in just a few clicks from any computer or smartphone. Establish goals for your employees, track their progress, and give them the extra motivation to get the job done. When you use Ember, you have the following at your disposal 24/7:

    • Employee Management
    • 360º Reviews
    • Employee Scorecards
    • Social Recognition
    • Employee Performance Reviews
    • Succession Management
    • Rewards System
    • Engagement Monitoring
    • Predictive Analytics

    With this data at your fingertips, you know which employees are really excelling, and you can give the praise that they deserve. On the other hand, you’ll also know which team members might need some extra encouragement or training to improve.  Help your staff reach their true potential.  Ember is the most comprehensive employee performance review software available. Employee performance reviews should no longer bring stress into the workplace. Step your game up to a new level of excellence, and see what your HR strategy is missing.  Register with Ember now!

    How is this going to benefit me?

    Effective Employee Performance Reviews with EmberEmployee performance reviews can be a very tender subject. Don’t be accused of using rumors, speculations, or personality bias as a source of your decisions regarding your team. In a modern office setting, the traditional method used for employee performance reviews has become obsolete.  Time is too valuable to be spent pushing papers, sifting through files, and combining Excel spreadsheets. Did you know that two-thirds of traditional performance reviews have a zero or negative effective effect on employee productivity after the review process has been completed?  If you are not processing and using the information gathered from frequent employee performance reviews daily, then you are doing it wrong.  Feedback must be a consistent part of your employee culture.

    Ember allows you to eliminate the paper pushing and have all your employee data at your fingertips all the time. You also save time spent tracking employee appraisals, which allows for more frequent employee performance reviews to increase the consistency and drive within your organization.  Your employee performance reviews are stored in one easily accessible location, and you can ensure that your employee goals are aligned to your business objectives. Managers will easily be able to stay on top of the review process, resulting in a more efficient use of their workday.  Saving time means that you are saving money. It’s time to develop the talent inside your organization, so sign up now for Ember.

    How do I learn to use Ember?

    Ember is designed to be used by the everyday person. It doesn’t require any advanced computer knowledge or statistical calculations on your end. There is no learning curve with this software, and it streamlines your employee performance reviews. Ember is also cloud-based, so there is nothing to install. Your company data is protected and secure, so you never worry about confidential information being leaked.

    Plus, we have your back.  Our support team is available 24/7 to provide answers to any questions you may have.  We pride ourselves on our outstanding support team, and we are available to guide you as you become familiar with the software.

    I’m ready to reach the next level in workforce management!

    So now you know the benefits of Ember. Streamline your employee performance reviews now by signing up. Give yourself the extra edge you need to perform employee performance reviews with confidence. Provide your team with realistic goals and the drive they need to reach them. Provide social recognition so they know their hard work is being recognized and rewarded. You’re only a few seconds away from creating a dynamic change within your business culture. Ember allows you a bird’s eye view so that you can that takes your team to the next level. So, are you ready to discover Ember for yourself?

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