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Employee Development Tools

What is a 360°Review? A 360°Review employee feedback provides a holistic view of an employee by gathering feedback from an employee’s manager, peers and direct reports.

When it comes to measuring valuable employee skills and attributes, few things are as important or effective as 360°Review. They address important competencies and provide opportunities for managers, peers and direct reports to receive important developmental feedback that they may not otherwise share. This collective feedbacl helps to create balance among the different perspectives (instead of getting only the manager’s point of view), and to create a clear picture for the employee about their behavior, impact, and skills.

That improved perspective is valuable enough alone, but Ember’s unique 360°Review also combines that feedback with the personal and professional goals of the employee to create a road map for education and self-development.

With Ember’s workforce management software, your team will love how simple it is to provide peer feedback in small pieces that will not take hours to complete.

  • Expandable Competency Library – Following a 360°Review, the goal is for your employee to understand their skills better and how to grow further. Ember has a robust Competency Library, to guide your employees on the path of professional growth. With a wide variety of competencies for you to choose from, as well as allowing you to add your own, we’ve made it easy for help guide your employees on the path to professional growth.
  • Automatic Notifications – Running an HR department can be complicated. Let us help you simplify! With Ember you will never miss a peer or self review. Dashboard and email notifications will alert you to tasks you need to complete such as providing peer reviews, entering objective competency data, tasks that are due, and more.
  • Automated Reviews – Ember makes it quick and painless for your team to provide peer reviews in a fast, private and automated way.

Recognizing great performance from your peers has never been easier. Even the best managers can’t see all the good happening around them. By using our peer-to-peer recognition tools, you can fill in those gaps by providing employees with the tools to positively recognize great performance.

  • Quickly and easily recognize a peer that exemplifies your company’s core values.
  • Boost team performance by up to 30%.
  • Increase creativity in your employees by up to 3-times it’s current state!

Ember utilizes the data that your workforce is generating daily and creates Employee Scorecards for each Employee. These Employee Scorecards help Managers spot negative trends quickly and easily.

  • Get up-to-the-minute Employee Scorecards for your employees
  • Uses both subjective and objective competency data, providing a truly holistic scorecard.
  • Eliminates the feedback gap that can happen with traditional annual reviews.
  • Drill down through specific competencies to identify issues quickly.
  • Reporting across all devices.

Ensure that your team is aways up-to-date on any training by using our integrated Learning Management System.

  • Easily setup your existing training modules in Ember’s Learning Management System.
  • Learning Management System supports video, photos and text based training.
  • Training completions will automatically sync into an Employee’s file in Ember
  • Receive notifications of any recurring training that is due.

Knowledge sharing is critical when it comes to on-boarding a new employee. Knowledge sharing increases social interaction in the workplace, leading to a rise in creative, collaborative problem solving. Ember’s Mentor Portal makes sharing a breeze, enabling every department to access the information they need, when they need it,therefore speeding up response times, while preserving pre-existing knowledge do it is not lost as employees retire or move on.

  • Employees can ask for feedback or guidance in an organized way.
  • Responses can be ranked (up-voted) based on quality.
  • Questions can be easily filtered through the use of tags.

Implementing workplace reward systems to can retain employees, boost morale and improve overall service and productivity within the company.Our Karma system allows Employees to earn “points” for utilizing the system. This promotes engagement and data capture.

  • Employees can earn points for performing certain actions in the system like performing peer reviews on time, giving Kudos to their peers for great performance, or participating in the Mentor Portal to share knowledge.
  • Managers can build reward systems in Ember that resonate with their workforce.

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